Care home residents go virtual biking!

Posted on September 2019 By Jamie Southwell

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Seniors will be racing through this September as The National Care Forum is hosting a contest for care home residents to steer their handlebars virtually! The competition is going under the name, The Road Worlds for Seniors Championship and will be taking course over the entire month. It’ll allow for care home residents to take part in a digital cycling event and hopefully give them a chance to explore their fast side more.

Set up as a fun way to bring elderly closer to technology whilst also helping them to stay active, It’s a win-win for those entering. When it’s time to get strapped in, the speedsters will be given the option of being able to digitally travel to 1,700 different locations which will be displayed on a video projection synced to when they pedal. Alongside this, each location is designed in a way to give users a personalised experience through letting them pick a place they’re familiar with.

The tech being used is called Motiview and was set up in an aim to help older people and those with dementia within private and public healthcare. An incredible tool for dementia patients because of its utilisation of locations; when a resident sees an area like their hometown or favourite holiday resort, it’ll help to refresh their memories of that place and they can reminisce over such times.

Vic Rayner, the executive director for The National Care Forum has expressed his joy by saying ‘We are delighted to be able to support this initiative’ and he feels very strongly about bringing more engaging activities to care homes over the years when more technological advancements come forward.

These machines were put to great use back in July when Sunrise of Winchester held a ‘bikeathon’. They managed to raise an outstanding £400 for a Winchester hospice after cycling a total of 301.7km, even the activities manager at the Sunrise commented on this by saying ‘They have become an integral part of our activity plan since they arrived here in March’.

One of the residents, Jean Borchersen, 88, in Winchester has spoken about her experience using the machines and how it’s actually helped her to back on her feet, she stated “I was in a wheelchair at one point, then I graduated to a walker, the next thing will be a marathon”. Jean spends her time riding through Rome in Italy, and it brings a smile to her daughter’s face being able to see her mother improve so much in health.

Best of luck to all the participants in the upcoming event, may the fastest win!