Brave nurse donates part of her liver to save boy.

Posted on September 2019 By Jamie Southwell

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Cami Loritz, a selfless Nurse decided she would go above and beyond to save an ill 8 year boy’s life. Offering to donate part of her own liver after the boy was under attack from an unknown virus on his liver.

Earlier this year in April, Brayden Auten was admitted to The Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee after returning home sick from school. It didn’t take long for doctors to realise what was wrong, they announced Brayden had an unidentified liver targeting virus.

‘After two days it went downhill and kept getting worse’ is how Brayden’s father described it, he detailed on Facebook how much he needed everyone’s support by saying “Well this is the last post I wanted to make but Brayden’s liver is failing. We need your prayers and miracle for healing and find him a liver soon. I appreciate everyone’s love and support through this”. His heart wrenching accounts of his son’s battle with this liver destroying monster were also posted alongside their GoFundMe which was used to help raise money to support the operations of replacing his organ. They ended up raising an incredible total of $12,000 to cover everything, the only thing left for them to do was find the correct type donor.

After several weeks since his initial diagnosis, an angel nurse decided she had enough and came to the rescue. Brayden’s Father spoke on Facebook about how ‘today we had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Brayden’s miracle, the angel that gave him life’ and finished it off by saying ‘she was done waiting and went through the pain in order to make sure my son has a chance to walk side by side with me again like a regular 7 year old boy’
That post was referring to the Cami Loritz, the heroic nurse who came to action when she had enough of standing aside. She immediately donated part of her liver after finding out she was an eligible match, allowing for Brayden to recover back to normal health over time.

The little trooper was allowed to return home back in July and is now setting up to return back to school, best of luck to Brayden at school and we hope his health keeps on the rise!