Nursing Student Raises money to visit Vietnam

Posted on September 2019 By Jamie Southwell

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​Emma Reeds, an eager nursing student who is hoping to visit Vietnam next August, where she’ll embark on a 4 week mission to conduct research and study how Nurses deal with the difficulties of treating patients that aren’t able to speak fluent English

The young nursing student has held a strong fascination towards paediatric nursing from very early in her life, having suffered from type one diabetes since the age of 8 and wanting to help others dealing with the condition. Diabetes resulted in Emma spending a lot of time as a child in hospitals and she attributes her passion for the field to that, saying that it’s “the most fulfilling and rewarding career”.

This isn’t wont be her first trip to Asian, in the past Emma has travelled there and said it’s helped to grow her confidence and communication skills. Her main aim when travelling there this time round is to build upon ‘Communication with patients, parents and carers where English isn’t the first language being spoken since it’s important for Nurses to have this skill set when a translator isn’t readily available in urgent situations’. She made it her mission to improve on these skill after noticing that in this day and age, you have people from all different walks of life coming in and out of hospitals which means there wont always be perfect communication between a Nurse and a patient.

When Emma isn’t busy studying for her undergraduate degree, she spends her time taking on work placements and has done so three times so far at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham. This sort of work ranges from assisting helping out in the hospital’s children renal unit to visiting patients in their homes. Earlier this year, Emma was approved for a bursary at the Universality of Nottingham; this’ll help fund her trip and hopefully make it a lot easier to allow Emma to continue working to save lives in her spare time.

After she arrives home, Emma is set on making her research easily accessible through recording a video presentation and dissertation. We’ve provided a link if you’re looking to donate to her GoFundMe page.

A real inspiration for younger people who are looking to help others.