The University College London Hospitals NHS Trust recognises the commendable efforts from Nurses and Midwifes!

Posted on August 2019 By Jamie Southwell

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It’s a cheerful time at the UCLH as Ruth May and Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent hand out prestigious awards to Nurses and Midwifes for their amazing contributions towards their practices. It isn’t every day these awards are given out and what makes this an even more inspiring moment for these healthcare practitioners are the people giving it to them; Ruth May who is the Chief Nursing Officer for England and Professor Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent who is Kate Middleton’s former Midwife, the first Chief Midwifery Officer for England.

The awards were given in order to properly appreciate the outstanding efforts made by Midwives and Nurses; they were handed out as follows:

  • Pamela Stephenson

  • Debra Kroll

  • Stephanie Wilson

  • Katie Tracey

  • Maureen McCabe

  • the Hyperacute Stroke Unit

  • Haematology podcast team

Everyone felt extremely excited in getting to meet the two Chiefs of England and the Head of Midwifery, Natilla Henry said it was a ‘privilege to have them take the time to come down and visit the UCLH’.

Professor Dunkley-Bent was later given the chance to explore to the trust and see where her fellow Midwives spend most of their day at the Birthing Centre alongside getting to spend time with the Midwifery team and getting to know them, they described it as a ‘proud moment’ having gotten to meet the first Chief Midwifery of England and it gave them the chance to find out from one another on how Midwives are having a positive impact on the care and comfort of the day to day patients.

Chief Nursing Officer, Ruth was also given the tour around and got to see two of the inpatient wards, who were recently recognised in the UCLH Exemplar Ward Accreditation programme.

Truly an amazing experience for these individuals and teams, all welcomed through the efforts of our Chief Officers.