She’s been on shows like Casualty, but now Vicky Hall is stepping out into the real world of A&E Nursing!

Posted on August 2019 By James Southwell

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Vicky Hall isn’t just someone who can play the part for the big screen, she’s a qualified A&E Nurse in real life too. The TV star has made appearances on shows like Casualty, Coronation Street, and Line of Duty; which has led to a lot of patients recognising her whilst on duty and typically forcing Vicky to remind them that she is indeed fully trained to be treating them.

In fact, Vicky has stated that ‘from time to time it’ll be confusing for some people, especially if they’ve got dementia’, this comes as no surprise as she was typically cast for the roles of Nurses and even once playing the role of Mike Baldwin’s Nurse on Connotation Street.

Vicky was first an actress and then an off-screen medic, who spent the hours outside of her acting career between training to become a Nurse and raising her children. The mum of two decided to part take on the challenge of becoming a Nurse after having spent much time displaying one and wanting a more exciting career, the change was also brought on by the demanding difficulties of having to travel to various places for her acting job whilst having to take care of her kids.

She’d spent her time studying for three years before she was finally allowed to step out onto the field and after being able to work in a real Nursing environment; she found the whole experience very different. The 42-year-old recalls back to a time when she was on the set of ‘Casualty’ and telling the crew how they should correctly position her on the stretcher after smoke inhalation, only to be brushed off and ignored for her preaches to make it realistic.

Currently Vicky works part time in Alexandra Hospital in Worcestershire close to her home, but she continues to do voice over work in her spare time.

We encourage any eager fans to refrain on asking her for an autograph whilst on call and we hope to see more TV appearances soon!