From Caribbean sunshine to nurse scrubs, Leeds teaching hospitals pilots bespoke critical care project

Posted on August 2019 By Aaron Liffen

Leeds Teaching Hospitals

Exciting times at Leeds Teaching Hospitals as the announcement of a pilot education exchange partnership consisting of 15 ‘global learning practitioners’ from Jamaica these will undertake a bespoke 5 month critical care programme with the aim to better equip the Jamaican health system with the skills to provide quality patient care.

The announcement marks the start of a what is hoped to be a mutually beneficial relationship with the Jamaican government, with UK multi-disciplinary staff set to travel to Jamaica in the near future to provide support to the nursing workforce, and it could not come at a better time as the project begins as the city of Leeds is celebrating its very own Jamaican heritage with the Eulogy Project overseen by the Jamaica Society Leeds.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals Chief Nurse Lisa grant, described the announcement as a proud moment which will bring fantastic benefits to all involved, with her eyes set on improving the healthcare delivery in not only the Caribbean Island but worldwide.

With the programme in full swing, the 15 practitioners look to be adjusting to Leeds life well as Jamaican nurse Kimberley Reid-Ferro describes her new colleagues as family, and the initial struggles of leaving her being calmed by the warm welcoming arms of the Leeds Trust staff.

Monique Patrick, also taking part in the pilot describes the experience so far as ‘awesome’ praising NHS staff on their willingness to teach at every opportunity.

While working at the Trust these 15 individuals will have the opportunity to work across both adult and paediatric critical care units, learning from multi-disciplinary team with the goal of taking their vital learning back to the Caribbean Island with them.

A great opportunity to improve patient care on an international level, good luck to all involved!