Care home residents hit the tracks as they dash about on Go-Karts!

Posted on August 2019 By James Southwell

Go   Karting32

It was fast and fun for the Whitecraigs Care home residents when they were taken to The Experience at Glasgow’s Hillington park. As part of an activity’s day out, the happy bunch were given the chance to go whizzing around the track in a safe and friendly environment.

The ages varied between 77 and 101 but this didn’t stop anyone from being able to take part; Percy, who is turning 102 this month said, “I’d give everything a try at least once and I’m happy I had the chance to experience go karting”. Percy wasn’t the only one who had a great time, 95-year-old Ellen couldn’t believe how great it was and went on to say she would tell her family about it, all the way down to her great-grandchildren.

The staff have expressed how much the residents love doing things like this and that it’s amazing to see them step out of their comfort zone, just going to show that age doesn’t put a stop to your daredevil side. They also mentioned how surprising some of things that the residents have requested, from zip lining to skydiving and they try to accommodate as many of these as possible.

During their time on the go karts they were accompanied by the trained staff at The Experience, it’s made to be a safe but thrilling time for people who aren’t always able to do these types of activities due to certain things like age or disability. The care home staff ended on saying how pleased they were with the event and that they’d be back soon.

We’re glad that the Whitecraigs residents had fun on their day out, it seems like this was a truly life changing experience for them and its heart-warming to see so we can only hope for more wild stories in the future.