A first-year student Nurse saves the day only weeks after she received her CPR training.

Posted on August 2019 By James Southwell

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It didn’t take long for this bright young nurse to get to use her newly learnt CPR techniques, Rachel Rose staying with her family in Spain when she was put up to the challenge as  5-year-old Kylie Ann Stewart suddenly fell unconscious after her kidneys shut down due to a bug known as E. coli. Kylie also suffers from spina bifida, a condition where the baby’s spinal cord doesn’t develop correctly in the womb and leads to a gap in the spine.

Passers-by didn’t know what to do or how to react when they began to see the child fall under however this didn’t stop Ms Rose, who jumped to the rescue after realising that she “had to do something” upon inspection she couldn’t feel a pulse or breathing.

This was the moment for the 37-year-old to act, without hesitation she instantly started performing the CPR that had just been taught to her weeks prior at the North East University. It took five excruciatingly long minutes until she began to see a sign of life again which turned out to be a glimmer of movement within Kylie’s eyes, Rachel knew that this meant it was time to put her into the recovery position. The CPR saved her life and they delivered Kylie to a nearby hospital soon after. Upon arrival at the Spanish hospital it was a 13 long day wait, she was then transferred to Dublin and had to remain on dialysis for 10 days. All is looking brighter now though as she is currently recovering at home whilst attending the hospital for regular check-ups and is said to return to school as soon as possible.

It was truly a magical miracle that Rachel was there to save the day, we wish her all the best in the future as a Nurse!