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We surprised some nurses!

Posted on May 2019 By Aaron Liffen

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Long days, late nights and busy wards can often be the reality for nurses within the NHS, which why at Care Providers we like to take any opportunity to say thank you to the thousands of nurses working each and every day.

Yesterday, consultants Lee and Jack surprised a dozen nurses working late last night on wards just north of London, hoping to show just a fraction of our appreciation for the passion their nurses show to their profession.

We sat down with Lee Gumble and Jack Cornell for a quick chat about their surprise visit late last night:

DW: So why did you want to surprise your nurses?
L: We simply wanted to say thank you. The passion you see from nurses across the NHS even whilst working long hours late at night is amazing. The fact they can provide each patient with quality care and go out their way for people is why I love the nursing community. There is a big reliance on the goodwill of nurses within the NHS so I think bringing them a small token of our appreciation and a chance to say thank you in person is the least we can do.

DW: Who did you go to meet?
J: We went to visit the Care Providers nurses on shift at the Hospital. It was a great chance to put a face to the name to some of our new nurses as a consultant and introduce ourselves properly. I think within the nursing agency industry it can be easy for a consultant to become just a name behind the phone, so having the chance to really meet our nurses in person and build that relationship is something we were glad we done.

DW: What did the nurses have to say?
L: They really were surprised! We knew of course how busy they would be, so we didn’t want to take up too much of their time however each nurse we spoke to greeted us with a smile on their face, with many surprised when they recognised our voices from when we had spoken so many times on the phone. Once we gave out the gift bags it was just nice to hear the trip was worth it, nurses happy to meet us, going back to work with a smile on their face.

DW: Where are you visiting next?
J: It’s a surprise..stay tuned

Lee and Jack cover North West London. Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. If you are interested in secure work with personal and dedicated consultants, you can give them a call direct on 0208 498 6824 where they will be more than happy to go through our rates and availability. You never know, they could be surprising a ward near you.