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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an Agency Nurse do?

Agency Nurses are responsible for filling vacant shifts at a variety of different healthcare facilities, from covering temporary locum shifts to permanent ad-hoc shifts. The role of an Agency Nurse requires you to provide patient care wherever necessary, often demanding travelling to different NHS hospitals for different types of shifts.

How much do Agency Nurses get paid?

Salaries for Agency Nurses vary depending on how often you choose to work, with the flexibility provided in picking your own availability for shifts and types of shifts resulting in how much you get paid. As an agency, we are able to provide you with referral bonuses of £150, allowing you to get paid additional amounts.

Do the NHS use recruitment agencies?

The NHS use recruitment agencies to fill in vacant shifts at hospital Trusts throughout the UK. Allowing the agency to book healthcare shifts for Nurses, Doctors, Midwives, Healthcare Assistants, etc., for the hospital Trust in need of staff. As an agency, we work closely with the NHS to ensure patients are properly cared for by booking candidates into shifts.

What are the advantages of using a recruitment agency?

Advantages to using a recruitment agency are having more control over when you book availability for shifts. Allowing us to book shifts on your behalf saves you time and eases the process of applying. Additionally, with the constant support of our team going from shift to shift is a clear and guided process for all of our agency staff.

What is an Umbrella Company?

An Umbrella Company specialises in employing agency contractors doing temporary assignments of work. Operating as a middleman to agencies and candidates to use as an outsourced payment method to pay staff through. The purpose is to deduct any necessary PAYE and national insurance the agency worker will be required to pay.

What is the difference between an Umbrella Company and PAYE?

When using an Umbrella Company, you become an employee of the Umbrella Company rather than the agency. Whereas with PAYE, you are paid directly through the agency. Both are responsible for paying you the correct salary with the right deductions made, the ease of stress in dealing with your pay is avoided through an Umbrella Company.

How do the agency tiering systems at NHS Trusts work?

NHS Trusts operate as healthcare shift suppliers to agencies, applying different levels of priority to different agencies. Tier One suppliers will receive shifts from the NHS Trusts before Tier Two suppliers and the shift will only be passed down if the agency is unable to book staff for the role. The levels of tiers travel down from One until the shift is booked.


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