About International Nurses

About Day Webster International

Our team are highly experienced in bringing international nurses to the UK, delivering high-quality nurse staffing and making the relocation process an easy transition.

Many of the NHS Trusts that we partner with offer fantastic training options for their nurses, from full inductions to complete career development programmes, opening up a world of training opportunities in specialist areas and locations.

We mainly recruit nurses from countries with qualifications transferable to the UK. If their qualification isn't transferable then they will need to take UK exams to ensure their knowledge is transferable. Qualified nurse shortages in the UK are well documented and competition for the most qualified is nothing short of intense.

Nurses are supported throughout the entire process and we continue to offer this support when they're in the UK. This results in happy and settled nurses, who are ready to focus on their new career.

Naturally, recruiting from overseas is a longer process than recruiting from here in the UK, as nurses will require language and knowledge tests, visa applications and the relocation itself, but with a loyal workforce of highly qualified, highly experienced nurses for your Trust, they’re worth waiting for.

Benefits of nursing in the UK

  • Excellent pay rates

  • Relocation packages

  • Generous annual leave

  • Training and development opportunities

  • Work in a safe and friendly environment

  • Dedicated support with the IELTS test.


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