Day Webster Payroll

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At Day Webster Group, our aim is to process all timesheets received from workers before 10am on the same day. The payment process varies depending on whether you are paid via the PAYE (Pay As You Earn) system or work via an Umbrella Company. Allow us to explain the process for each scenario:


PAYE Workers:

If you are a PAYE worker and you submit your timesheet to us before 10am, you can expect to receive your funds on the very same day. We prioritize processing payments promptly for PAYE
workers to ensure that you receive your pay as quickly as possible. Any timesheets received after the 10am deadline, will be processed the following working day.

Workers via Umbrella Companies:

For workers who operate through an Umbrella Company, the payment process works slightly differently. When you submit your timesheet to us before 10am, we will process the payment
and transfer the funds to the Umbrella Company on the same day. However, please note that the timing of your actual payment will depend on the practices and processes of the Umbrella Company you have chosen to work with.


Once we transfer the funds to the Umbrella Company, it becomes their responsibility to process your payment. The timeframe for the Umbrella Company to pay you may vary and is determined by their internal payment procedures. Some Umbrella Companies may choose to pay their workers on the same day, while others may have different payment cycles that result in a delay before you receive your funds.


We understand that timely payment is crucial, and we strive to process payments efficiently within our role. However, the final responsibility for payment for those working via an Umbrella company lies with the Umbrella Company themselves, as they manage their own payment schedules.


If you have any further questions or concerns about our payment process, please don't hesitate to reach out to your consultant. We are here to assist you and provide any necessary clarification.


There are three main reasons that could affect the speed in which we are able to pay you:

Timesheet completion and submission

Complete your timesheet accurately. Some simple omissions and errors are as follows:

  • Have you entered your name in block capitals and signed at the top.

  • Have you entered the correct week ending date.

  • Have you/your manager completed the details of Hospital/Trust and ward where you worked.

  • Has it been signed by an authorised representative of the Hospital/Trust, including initialling each row corresponding to a date you have worked. If required.

  • Have you completed the details of each shift accurately and included the booking reference number if known.

  • Have you checked you’ve calculated the hours correctly?

Please then fax your timesheet to us. This is the simplest and most reliable method.

Client Systems & processes

Some clients use third party software to manage their agency shifts. These often require input from members of staff at the hospital/trust. Sometimes this input is delayed, for example a ward manager may not get around to authorising a shift online or a particular process is designed to run weekly.

These processes are outside our control and we will only be able to pay you when the clients system has been updated to show us that we can. We make every effort to ensure that this does not cause undue delay but we cannot guarantee that it will not affect the speed at which we are able to process you payment.

These systems and online portals include the following:

  • NHSP

  • 247 Time

  • De Poel (eTips)

  • LMS

  • iPoint

  • Team 24 Express HR

  • Brookson Portal

  • NHS Health Roster

  • Datram Pro

  • Tempre/Stafflow

  • Medacs/Envoy

  • Retinue (VMS365)

  • Matrix SCM

Your consultant will be able to tell you if you might be affected by this issue.

You are paid through an Umbrella Company

This will only cause minor delay. Please see the FAQ The difference between being paid PAYE or through an Umbrella Company above.