Day Webster Payroll

Same Day Pay

Uniquely among recruitment agencies, Day Webster Healthcare offer a daily payroll and will pay all timesheets received before 10am on any normal business day the same day

For example, if you worked Monday to Thursday at a local hospital you would normally fax this to your agency on Thursday night or Friday and, assuming they received it before their deadline, they would process it in the next week's payroll. Then you or your Umbrella would receive your money the following Friday. i.e. over a week later.

However, with Day Webster, if you fax your timesheet to us on Thursday evening, you will receive your money the next day! A whole week earlier than with other agencies.

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*Providing we have all information and authorisations necessary to invoice the client


If you ask us to pay you via an Umbrella company you must nominate one of the Umbrella’s from our PSL below (see FAQ Which Umbrella should I use?). We recommend you contact several before making your choice as each one may have slightly different charge rates as well as additional services & offers that, depending on your circumstances, may be attractive to you.

The main benefit of using an Umbrella is that you will receive payments from the same company and they will know all your income details and be able to utilise your full personal tax allowance (see BR tax code – What does it mean? FAQ). In addition, the benefits and value added services may be beneficial, for example, some may offer accounting services or tax return assistance.

If you would prefer to be paid PAYE we will deduct income tax and employees’ national insurance (NI) from your gross pay before we send you your money. Your payment will be accompanied by a payslip that states the dates for which you have been paid, the split between basic and holiday pay, the amounts deducted for tax and NI and your net pay.

We will use the tax code that HMRC give us to make these calculations. Please see the FAQ on BR tax code – What does it mean? below.


Everyone in the UK, up to the age of 60 and earning less than £100kpa, receives a personal allowance of £11,500 for the 17/18 tax year. This means the first £11,500 you earn in a year will be tax free and you receive 1/12th of it each month if you are paid monthly and 1/52nd if you are paid weekly. If your tax code looks like 1150L this means you are receiving the full personal allowance.

As an example, if you are paid weekly, the first £221.15 of your gross pay will be tax free. i.e. 1/52nd of £11,500.

When you start working for an employer they will notify HMRC who, in turn, will send your employer a notice stating your tax code. This employer will then use that tax code to work out how much of your gross pay they can give you without deducting tax.

However, many agency workers work through several agencies and it is only the first one that will be using your full tax code. When HMRC receive a notification from a new agency they will not automatically issue another tax code of 1150L as this would mean you would be receiving double your personal allowance and would owe HMRC additional tax. Instead, they will issue a BR code. This means all your income must be taxed at the basic rate (20% in 17/18 tax year) by that new agency. If we receive a BR tax code for a worker we are legally obliged to use it.

There are three ways that you can ensure your agency uses your full tax code. 1) Only work with Day Webster or Care Providers. As one of the country’s largest agencies we are able to find you regular work where and when you want it. 2) Work through an Umbrella company. This way all your agencies will pay your Umbrella company who will be your single employer and who will be able to use your full tax code. 3) In some cases, where for example you work through two agencies, it may be possible to split your personal allowance between them. You would need to contact HMRC yourself to organise this.

Please note this FAQ is a general overview of the BR tax code and is not meant to form advice. Everyone’s personal tax situation is different and you should contact HMRC, your Umbrella company if you have one, or your accountant to discuss specific queries. There are many things that may affect your tax code and we will not be able to discuss these with you.


Specific only to our nursing sector, Our commitment to same day pay has been unique to Day Webster & Care Providers since our inception in 2009. No other company in the market is able to offer you this service.

Our promise is to pay your chosen bank account on the same day that we receive your timesheet as long as it is completed correctly, received before 10am and the shift is confirmed on any system our client might be using.

We endeavour to achieve this 98% of the time and we constantly review our processes and systems to do so.

If your chosen bank account is personal, i.e. you are paid through standard PAYE, you should receive your money within a couple of hours of it being sent; usually by about 8pm. If you have opted to be paid through an Umbrella service it is their bank account that will receive the funds and they will have to make an ongoing payment to you.

Please be aware that different Umbrella companies operate different payroll frequencies and have different cut off’s. For example, some may only pay weekly, others may only pay using the BACS system, which takes three days to clear and yet others may stop making payment earlier in the day than us. All of these things can affect when you receive your money and are outside our control.


There are three main reasons that could affect the speed in which we are able to pay you:

Timesheet completion and submission

Complete your timesheet accurately. Some simple omissions and errors are as follows:

  • Have you entered your name in block capitals and signed at the top.

  • Have you entered the correct week ending date.

  • Have you/your manager completed the details of Hospital/Trust and ward where you worked.

  • Has it been signed by an authorised representative of the Hospital/Trust, including initialling each row corresponding to a date you have worked. If required.

  • Have you completed the details of each shift accurately and included the booking reference number if known.

  • Have you checked you’ve calculated the hours correctly?

Please then fax your timesheet to us. This is the simplest and most reliable method.

Client Systems & processes

Some clients use third party software to manage their agency shifts. These often require input from members of staff at the hospital/trust. Sometimes this input is delayed, for example a ward manager may not get around to authorising a shift online or a particular process is designed to run weekly.

These processes are outside our control and we will only be able to pay you when the clients system has been updated to show us that we can. We make every effort to ensure that this does not cause undue delay but we cannot guarantee that it will not affect the speed at which we are able to process you payment.

These systems and online portals include the following:

  • NHSP

  • 247 Time

  • De Poel (eTips)

  • LMS

  • iPoint

  • Team 24 Express HR

  • Brookson Portal

  • NHS Health Roster

  • Datram Pro

  • Tempre/Stafflow

  • Medacs/Envoy

  • Retinue (VMS365)

  • Matrix SCM

Your consultant will be able to tell you if you might be affected by this issue.

You are paid through an Umbrella Company

This will only cause minor delay. Please see the FAQ The difference between being paid PAYE or through an Umbrella Company above.